Jr. Kroc Volleyball

The program is training-based for new/beginner volleyball players. Each session will be 60 minutes in length - focusing on fundamentals while also introducing players to different drills and game-specific situations - all while preparing players to someday join our travel program (The Kroc Center Volleyball Academy).

Ages 8-14



Due to a generous donation from Spee-D Tees Bar-B-Q, all jerseys (for first-time participants) in the Basketball and Volleyball program will be offered to players free of cost. If a jersey is lost or damaged a $20 jersey replacement fee will be charged.

Prices with Membership

Gold Prices


Silver Prices




Volunteers Needed:

Become a volunteer coach or referee and you may qualify for discounted entry into a program for your child.

Private Youth Sports Lessons

Your Child will work one-on-one with one of our experienced coaches to help improve their skills.

Email:  [email protected] for more information or to schedule an appointment.

3 Sessions: $60

6 Sessions: $120

(602) 425-5012
Athletics Coordinator: [email protected]

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